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What is Habbo Hotel?

Habbo Hotel is a virtual hotel where you can hang out and make new friends. It's designed for 14 to 20 year olds in the UK, but everyone is welcome.

When you register you 'become' a Habbo and then you can walk, dance, eat, drink and chat in the cafes, restaurants, swimming pools and games rooms. You can even decorate and furnish your own room.

It's not hard to break into conversation for the first time and you'll soon find a friend who has something in common with you. And you don't need to worry - we won't tell anyone your personal details and we've worked hard to make the hotel safe (read more about our safety and privacy policies here).

So use the hotel for whatever you want - as a messenger, email system, chatroom, place to hang out with your friends or to meet new people. And yes, there are a few rules, but only to make the experience safe and fun for as many Habbos as possible. Enjoy!


Checking in for the first time >

Moving around and chatting >

Designing your own room >

Playing games >

Staying safe >

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Habbos in the hotel:
Check in!


If you haven't been to Habbo Hotel before why not go on a hotel tour?

You'll need Shockwave to check in to the hotel, but don't worry - it's free (and safe) to download.